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Science Fiction

This is obviously not part of the GCSE syllabus. The aim here is just to make mention of one or two stories which might help indirectly with basic astronomy.

Blue Mars,  Kim Stanley Robinson   Mars has just won its independence and is in the process of long-term terraforming. The characters also visit Mercury and satellites of the gas planets, as well as occasionally visiting Earth which is suffering a massive rise in sea level (although these visits cause difficulties for Martians accustomed to 0.4g). Statements : The diameter of Mars is 53% of that of Earth's so its surface area is 28% of Earth's and its volume 11% of Earth's. But because of Earth's oceans, Mars has almost an equal area of land as Earth. Its gravity is about 40% of earth's (as already mentioned!)

Crab Nebula

Big Red Spot on Jupiter