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Can I invoke the standard statement which used to be used for freeware ;

You are, of course, welcome to consult and make use of my pages at will. However, if you have found them useful in any appreciable way, please consider sending a small disbursement (even something as small as 1 Euro/Pound/Dollar/etc. would be received with appreciation).

B. Daugherty, 31 MH, Portsmouth PO5 3JG, Britain.


The Sky Watcher's Handbook by Ronan and Dunlop, Marshall. (1-84028-019-0) Includes interesting information on the likes of atmospheric effects, weather

Your Guide to the Sky by Rick Shaffer, Lowell House. (0-7373-0104-X) Starts off quite slow, but overall excellent book. Excellent section on telescopes and month-by-month star guide.

More Advanced Books, which might still be of some interest
The Observer's Guide to Astronomy (2 volumes) Edited by Patrick Martinez, Cambridge University Press. (HARDBACK 0-521-37068-X, PAPERBACK 0-521-37945-6) (Very) advanced amateur's text

Crab Nebula

Big Red Spot on Jupiter