This site started out as a list of links for the Open University course S281 (now ended). I have been updating it from time to time, but some links might be dead or outdated for which I apologise.

The Sky this Month
Astronomical Articles (under construction)

Book 1 -Stars

The Sun

Sun Block. Highly recommended introductory site.
IAU Eclipse Page. From the International Astronomical Union
Space Weather. Information about the Sun-Earth environment.
National Solar Observatory   (of America). Includes Kitt Peak which has the world's largest instrument designed especially for studying the Sun.
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Solar Observatories of France
SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)
Wendy Carlos experienced eclipse watcher
Hermit   Solar /Lunar Eclipses
Partial Eclipse in Portsmouth 1999

Stellar Evolution



Pulsars and Neutron Stars

Black Holes

Black Holes

Book 2 -Solar System

General Sites

Welcome to the Planets, from NASA
SEDS, Multimedia tour of the Solar System
Planetary Society
Planetary Web, from London University, for a more academic approach.
Flat Earth Society. Good starting point before they start feeding you bunkum about the Earth being round.
Lunar and Planetary Institute particularly good for the Moon and Mars

Solar System Mechanics

An explanation of the Analemma and Equation of Time
Solar System Dynamics
Motion in the Heavens, Kepler's Laws, although links lead to a more comprehensive overview of heavenly motions.
Kepler's Law, including animation
Kepler - His Life, Laws and Times
Kepler's Laws
Solar System Collisions


Comets and Meteor Showers
Comets   with several links
BAA Comet Section

The Mercury transit of May 7th 2003

Transit of Venus on 8. June 2004, the first transit since 1882. Historically transits were particularly important in the eighteenth century when there were two close together. Captain Cook was sent in the Endeavour ostensibly to study the Transit from the South Pacific. One of the major outcomes to accrue from these studies was an accurate determination of the distance to the Sun.
Magellan probe to Venus from the 80s

The Earth

The Earth from Space
Planetary Web


Meteor Crater, Arizona
Chicxulub Impact Structure, more technical report from Leicester University
DINO Sites, for information on extinction of the dinosaurs
Chicxulub Crater  which is currently believed to be a prime candidate for causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.


Pyroclastic Flows and Surges
Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
Volcanic Phenomena at Pompeii


The Atmosphere

The Moon

The Moon
NASA Moon Page
Current View of the Moon
Clementine   orbiting satellite which returned over 2 million images in 1996
Lunar Reclamation Society
The Moon
Lunar Eclipses providing a useful list of sources of information
Lunar and Planetary Institute particularly good for the Moon and Mars
Moon Timeline
Images lunaire de jour moon picture of the day, with English option
Phases of the Moon

MARS 2003 The return of a lifetime from the Arkansas Sky Observatory
NASA Mars Missions from a historical standpoint
NASA Mars Exploration - current missions
The Whole Mars Catalog
Mars Watch
Beagle 2
Mars Express which carried Beagle 2. The first European probe to another planet.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Galileo to Jupiter and its Moons

Saturn / Titan Page
Cassini to Saturn
Will Hay and his discovery of the White Spot


George Airy, who has often been classed as the baddy in the search to detect the planet Neptune from Britain.
The Discovery of Neptune, including the funny goings-on more recently when the 'Neptune Files' containing corrspondence and papers from Adams and Airy surfaced, only to disappear again, only to re-surface again a few years ago in the office of an astronomer in Chile.
Scientific American on the Neptune Discovery,


Astrometry of Asteroids, from Project CLEA
Solar System Collisions
Spacewatch, Asteroids and Comets
Near Earth Asteroid Tracking
Lowell Observatory - Near-Earth Objects
|Near Earth Asteroid Tracking


Meteorite Central
Meteorites and Tektites
Meteorite Resources on the Web, from Aberystwyth University
Meteorite Impact
Meteors, Meteorites and Impacts
Martian Meteorites
Martian Meteorites

Book 3 - Galaxies

Hipparcos  which analysed distances to 'nearby' stars
Extra-Galactic Distance Scale
Extra-Galactic Astronomy from Mullard Space Science Laboratory
AGNs, Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group
X-Ray Astronomy
Classifying Galaxies
Gamma Ray Bursters
Messier Objects listed

Book 4 -Cosmology

Cambridge Cosmology
The Big Bang was not a Fireworks Display, written to counter some misconceptions about the Big Bang.
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Supernova Cosmology Project, and their theory that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating
FAQ in Cosmology Big Bang

General Sites

Space Daily
Windows to the Universe
Kaufmann's Universe
Astronomy Notes
Astronomy Homework Help, resource pages for researching astronomy on the Internet
Patrick Moore's Sky at Night
Web Rings
The Sky
Astronomy Cafe, the site for the astronomically disadvantaged.

Telescopes and Observatories

Hubble Telescope
Jodrell Bank
Greenwich Observatory
Richard Feynmann Observatory
Comprehensive List

Robotic Telescopes

Bradford Robotic Telescope
Liverpool Telescope Home Page

Telescopes (Amateur)

Telescope Reviews
Star Ware
UK Amateur Telescope Making Resources
The ATM Page


Wil Milan
Bill and Ted's Excellent Astro-Picture Page

Space Travel

European Space Agency
NASA Manned Flight, Space Station and Space Shuttle
Russian Space Web
Russian Space Agency   only in Russian
Japanese Space Agency
Chinese Space Agency

Probes (for planetary probes, see under relevant planet

Chandra, Comprehensive and recommended site on the probe and related scientific information

Magazines and Television

Regulus, the Astronomy Newsletter for Amateurs at All Levels
The Astronomer
Astronomy Now
Mercury, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Sky and Telescope
Sterne und Weltraum, Zeitschrift für Astronomie
Final Frontier, Open University program on astronomy
Discovery Channel
Star Gazer


Space Mathematics (appears to be dead)

Astronomy Education

Association for Astronomy Education
European Association for Astronomy Education
IAU Education Page International Astronomical Union
Astronomy Education Resources
NASA Spacelink Aeronautics and Space Resource foe Educators
NASA Space Educators Handbook - Astronomy Home Page (appears to be dead)
Leicester University's Educational Guide to Space and Technology
American Astronomical Society - Education Page
Online Planetarium Show


British Astronomical Association
Royal Astronomical Society
Federation of Astronomical Societies
American Association of Amateur Astronomers

Professional Organizations

PPARC Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

Star Maps etc.

Ron Muir's Deep Sky Guide
Sky Calendar


SETI at Home
Frequently Asked Questions in Physics and Astronomy
International Dark Sky Association
Bad Astronomy
San Francisco Exploratorium


Astronomy in Berlin, including the discovery of Neptune in 1846, among other things
History of Astronomy
History Journals
Discovery of the Marine Chronometer and the means of calculating longitude
Columbus and Longitude
Bruce Medallists


Search for Astronomical Papers


Physics and Astronomy Humor
Physics Humor on the Web