St Jean

St. Jean - the district, was originally an island encircled by arms of the Odon, and enclosed by its own fortifications. It suffered terribly during the bombing of July 1944.

St. Jean - the church, is a very interesting building. The front tower has leant considerably, as has various other parts of the building. The middle tower was left unfinished because of this reason. So inside is quite interesting as well, I was continually looking to see which parts were vertical/horizontal and which weren't.

So it is quite amazing that the church was about the only building to remain standing in St. Jean after the bombing (although it did threaten to collapse).

There is a burnt effigy of Christ on display in the cathedral, only the head and upper torso remain, which was found in the church afterwards, so the church definitely did not escape unscathed.

The original church had been badly damaged by the English during their occupation of the early 1400s