The victim was made to feel as bad as the perpetrators, and that can't be right"

Rowe Sparkes Lawyers

The link below produces a letter from Rowes Sparkes, who supplied the duty lawyer on the day I was arrested.

There is every indication that this lawyer didn't take much notice of me, or what was being said. The following points need to be made

Letter from Rowe Sparkes lawyers

Rowe Sparkes named and shamed

Rowe Sparkes named and shamed, No 2

I include these links above on this law firm as some sort of catharsis.

There are some relevant points. Rowe Sparkes are accused of paying wages below the national minimum.

As implied above, the other party in my case was working as a paperboy and you can bet a pound to a penny that he was being paid less than the minimum wage. This would have presented an obstacle to me constructing a defence because his employer would be reluctant to give details of his employment, precisely because the employer would have been breaking the law by paying such low wages, and presumably paying no insurance etc., etc.

Rowe Sparkes complain about not receiving a reply to their correspondence on this matter. Well I am unhappy about not receiving a reply to my correspondence with Sparkes Rowe on my matter.