Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory and Planetarium

Wilhelm Foerster Planetarium In West Berlin, the Foerster Planetarium and Observatory has been built on the Insulaner, a 75 meter-high mound created from wartime rubble. The observatory is on the top and dates from 1963, the main instrument being the Bamberg telescope rescued from the Urania Observatory. This was joined, in 1991, by a 75 cm. reflecting telescope paid for by the Berlin lottery. The lottery has also provided a library, and is currently paying for the renovation of the Bamberg telescope. The planetarium was added in 1965 and lies at the foot of the Insulaner. In 1987, a modern solar telescope was added, from which images can be projected onto the planetarium dome.

Performances are given about five or six times a week offering a one-hour long show in the planetarium followed by an observing session in the observatory. On the weekends there may be several sessions, one of which could be a multimedia-laser show. The address is Munsterdamm 90, 12169 Berlin