Attackers   (истребители)

It is 1943 and the Attackers relates the tale of a squadron of the Soviet Air Force operating close to the front in an area fairly close to Voronezh. The correct translation should be "Fighters" - right at the beginning they are detailed to act as support to ground attack aircraft, and indiscipline among the raw recruits causes that operation to go badly wrong. The actors include Ekaterina Vilkova as Captain Lydia Litovchenko, Dmitry Dyuzhev (who latterly gained infamy by supporting Rasputin's invasion of the Ukraine) as Ilya Bestuzhev, Mariya Andreyeva as Yevgeniya Dementeva, long-established actor Oleg Fomin as the Commander of the base Victor Stepanovitch Kanishchev, Nicolay Kozak as the political officer Pavel Alekseyevich Terentyev, Anton Sokolov as Boris Maslov, Dmitry Arbenin as Leonid Shugaev (Bordo).

The Dawns Here are Quiet    (А зори здесь тихие ...)

This film is based on the novel of the same name by Boris Vasilyev, which sold almost two million copies within a year of its publication in 1969.

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Some recommended books

  • Russian for Adults, Duff and Makaroff, English Universities Press, (possibly out of print)

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Some recommended books

  • Dersu Uzala (sometimes known as Dersu the Trapper), V.K. Arseniev, Factual description of three surveys carried out by Arseniev in the Ussuri region, north of Vladivostok in the 1900s. At the time, unexplored by the Russians and inhabited spasely by native aborigines, Chinese and Koreans - presumably quite different today. A film was made in the 1970s which did get nominated for the Foreign-Language Oscar.

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  • Putin’s Russia, Anna Politkovskaya , Harvill Press

    'I have wondered a great deal about why I have so got it in for Putin. What is it that makes me dislike him so much as to feel moved to write a book about him ?'


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How to Obtain a Visa

This procedure can be very confusing - although the Russian Consulate appears to have made their explanations a bit clearer recently - you need to go to Russian Consulate. There they will allow you to download an application form, and state that they require the following supporting documentation (for a Tourist Visa)

  • A valid original 10-year passport with at least one blank page.

  • One recent passport size photo stapled twice to the upper-right corner of the application form.

  • An original Tourist Voucher from a British (Russian) travel agency stamped and signed by an authorized person.

    This is presumably straightforward if you are using a Travel Agency. I went independently by bus and forwarded a receipt from the Eurolines Bus Company (I didn't send them the original tickets - although might be best to send a photocopy)

  • A standard Tourist Confirmation (in Russian) of acceptance from the authorized Russian travel agency or a hotel, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The confirmation must contain the agency’s reference number and registration number.

    Usually if you stay at a hotel or youth hostel this will be what is provided under their 'help with passports'. It will probably cost you about 20-30 pounds just for this document and in my experience will cost more if they mail it to you (get it faxed if possible). I made the mistake of sending this document in too small a size (i.e. as it came out of my FAX machine - 'too small to read'). The Russian Consulate used my pre-paid Special Delivery envelope (as detailed below) to send all my documents back to me - I had to re-submit them all again.

  • A standard covering letter from your travel agency in the UK (for the tourist agents only). Presumably this is not relevant to individuals - I don't know what it means myself.

  • The fee in postal orders

  • A self-addressed and pre-paid Special Delivery envelope (which costs about 3.50 to 4 pounds).

  • Insurance?? Although I can't see it currently mentioned, I think you might need to show a certificate of travel insurance, including cover for medical insurance


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