The Pucara was the product of an Argentinian Air Force ( Fuerza Aerea Argentina ) requirement for an aircraft to counteract guerilla warfare. It was named after the stone forts constructed by the original inhabitants of South America, and first flew on 20. August 1969.

It was capable, with rocket assistance, of taking off from an 80m. long airstrip.

It has two seats, with dual control, although in practise, it is usually flown with just one person.

The 1A-58A variant first flew on 8. November 1974, and was delivered to the Fuerza Aerea Argentina in 1976. In the same year it was used against rebels in North-West Argentina.

Falklands / Malvinas


All 24 machines deployed to the Falklands were lost or captured.

Another was lost, although a Westland Scout was shot down.



The 1A-58C was an attempt to upgrade according to the lessons of the Falklands.

There were proposals to retro-fit existing aircraft to this standard, but not much appears to have been done.

Other Countries


Six were delivered to Uruguay, and three to Colombia, to be used against drug-dealers. Iraq requested 20 in 1985, but the Argentine Government turned the deal down.

In 1992, four 1A-58C to Sri Lanka, where they are often used in "anti-terrorist" campaigns against the Tamils. In fact, some of these attacks have been very nasty, including attacks on schools and the like.



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