General Links

Thunder and Lightnings - British Postwar Aircraft

WW2 Aircraft

Aviation History On-Line

Jet Genesis (not working)

Virtual Aircraft Museum

Virtual Aircraft Museum of European Aviation


US Military Helicopters

Fleet Air Arm Archive

Sailplane Directory
Anson Links
Anson Mk 2

Anson Mk 2 Aerospace Museum of Calgary

Fleet Air Arm Archive

Anson V, National Aviation Museum, Canada

Anson V, Canadian Warplane Heritage

Anson, Australian page

C19 VM325, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

Ivy and Martin's Web Page
Bloodhound Links
Bloodhound Surface to Air Missile etc.
Canberra Links
Canberra, English Electric, brief specifications

EE Canberra B-2 initially in German, but you can switch to English. Has an (allegedly) comprehensive summary of museum exhibits, except for the fact that we are missing !.

Canberra, English Electric part of a "book" of different aircraft.

Canberra, Bomber / Photo-Reconnaissance, brief description.

Brief description of variants

from New Zealand

TT18 WK126, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

Restoration project of the B2 cockpit of Canberra WD954

Temora Aviation Museum

Les Bywaters' Canberra Tribute Web Site
Martin B-57
B-57, extremely authorative and long description

EB-57A Canberra, Castle Air Museum

PIMA Air and Space Museum, descriptions of their three B-57's.
Chipmunk Links
Chipmunk New Zealand Fighter Pilot Museum

Chipmunk DHC-1B-2-S5, Canada

Chipmunk DHC-1, Canada , includes movies

Chipmunk, National Aviation Museum, Canada

Chipmunks around the World, description of a circumnavigation

Chipmunk, Danish Museum

Pionair only commercial operator of the Chipmunk in Canada.

Chipmunk, Canadian Warplane Heritage

Chipmunk, Canadian Air Force

Chipmunk, nice photo from Switzerland (in French)

Martin Photos
Comet Links
Comet Web Site

Rise and Fall of the British Jet Airliner - Comet

Comet - NASA education site

The Comet Cover Up from Channel 4

Plane Truth written by the son of a Comet test pilot.

Martin Painter's DH106 Site
Dragonfly Links
Dragonfly and Widgeon

Sikorky's own page

S-51, National Aviation Museum, Canada

S-51 landing in Los Angeles

S-51, Aerospace Museum of Calgary

Sikorsky R-5
Grasshopper Links
Sailplane Preservation Group

Glider Names from Aachen to Zwergreiher

Sailplane Directory

Flugwerft Schleißheim, which has many gliders on display

Deutsches Segelflugmuseum, Wasserkuppe

Poppenhausen Luftkurort

Alexander Schleicher, of Poppenhausen, glider manufacturers

Alexander Lippisch, better known for his powered aircraft designs, he started off as a designer of gliders

Grunau Baby

Yorkshire Gliding Club

Grasshopper Bournemouth Aviation Museum

Slingsby Aviation
Heinkel Links
Martin Photos
Hunter Links
Hawker Hunter at Air Shows

Hunty the Jet Fighter

Thunder and Lightnings

Hunterverein Obersimmental

Hunter Flying Club

Martin Photos

Hunter Flight who offer flights in a Hunter
Hurricane Links
Surviving Hurricanes, FAA Museum

Extant Airframes of Hurricanes

Mk 1, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

Sydney Camm

Ivy and Martin's Page
Jet Provost Links

Martin Photos
Lightning Links
Lightning - Garry Lakin

WG 763

XM 135, at Duxford
Luton Minor Links
Luton Minor
Meteor Links
Brief Details

Virtual Aircraft Museum

Meteor, from Jet Genesis

Mk 7, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

Mk 8, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

NF14 WS807, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

Temora Aviation Museum
Mystere Links
Indian Air Force

Dassault Mystere 4-A 1956-1971

Dassault M.D.454 Mystere IVA

Super Mystere B2

Super Mystere B2
Pou de Ciel Links
Henri Mignet HM.14 Pou du ciel, in French

Britain's Flea Craze

A Problem with Fleas

Pou Guide plans to become a major source, although this English site is a bit 'awkward' at the moment due to it being a 'machine' translation of the original French site.

Canadian Flight

Virtual Aircraft Museum

Australia's Flying Flea Site

Manchester Air Museum
Pucara Links
IA-58A Pucara

Pucara by Juan Carlos Barroux

Description of Pucaras being used in action by Sri Lanka

Argentinian Air Force
Sabre Links
Comprehensive History

Sabre on Boeing Internet Site

Brief History, from Canada Aces Site

Sabre Model D, Boeing Internet site

F86-D, Locations

F86-E, Locations

F86-E, Torino Museum

F86-H, USAF Museum


Virtual Aircraft Museum

Canadair F-86, Locations

Canadair CL-13 / Fiat F86-K, Brief Description

Duncan's F-86 Website

Temora Aviation Museum
Shorts 330 Links
C-23 Sherpa
Short Sunderland Links

New Zealand

Personal Recollections of an 205/209 Squadron

Short Sunderland

Short Sunderland at Duxford
Super Sabre Links
Comprehensive History

F100-C, USAF Museum

F100-D, USAF Museum

Virtual Aircraft Museum
Swift Links
Thunder and Lightnings

Brief Details. Can also follow links thru to information on other variants

Virtual Aircraft Museum
Sycamore Links

Manchester Museum
Thunderstreak Links
F 84F by Jirka Wagner


F84, in French

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak Service With NATO Air Forces
Vampire Links
Vampire, from Jet Genesis

Vampire 1, Canadian National Aviation Museum

Vampire 3, Canadian National Aviation Museum

Vampire F1 from Canada Aces Page

Chilean Air Force

Finnish Air Force Museum

Vampire in Swedish service

Swedish Air Force Museum : Fighters

Mexico, in Spanish

J28 Vampire, in Swedish

T11 XD 506, Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

DH-115 Brazilian Vampire

De Havilland Aviation

Martin Photos

Temora Aviation Museum
Vulcan Links
Thunder and Lightnings including details of survivors, and useful links.

Vulcan Restoration Trust who are attempting to make XL426 airworthy, at Southend.

XH558 Club at Bruntingthorpe, who have plans to put this aircraft back in the sky.

XM605 currently in California. Some interesting details of Jeremy's "negative" experiences working on this aircraft.

Vulcan - Garry Lakin

Delta Lady

Vulcans in Camera (seems to work only in IE, in my experience)

Vulcan Crew Chiefs
Whirlwind Links

XN 385
Engine Links



Pratt and Whitney Classic Engines

In-Line and V-Type Engines

Radial and Rotary Engines

Axial Compressors
Technical Links
Plane Maths

Allstar Network


A Physical Description of Flight

Axial Compressors
Scale Models

Luftwaffe in Models

Model Aces