Welshpool and Llanfair Railway

Town Route

Originally the railway ran from near the standard-gauge station and thru the town to Raven Square, where its current terminus is situated.

This town route can still be traced for the most part. In fact, if the railway was being restored today, it could possibly have been likely that the town route would have been kept. The apparent cause for it being shut in the 1950's was because the Council wanted some of the land for road-widening, but if anyone had the will and the money to re-open the section today, the only real obstacle would be houses blocking the route, adjacent to the old quarry.

The bridge used by the railway to cross the canal still exists, and this is the view to the north of the bridge, showing the wharves in the general region of the wharves used by the old tramroad from the quarry.
And this is the view from the bridge to the South.

Castle Caerinion station