PERSON B

·                     Hit Person B three times, the last time hitting him in the eye so hard that his contact lens was kicked down the side of his eye and had to be extracted in hospital. Person B still has some problems with vision

·                     Initiated procedures to try and take legal action against person A for the latter’s  anti-social behaviour and harassment

·                     48 hours after the third attack he called the police and got person B banged up for ‘attacking him with a knife’.


·                     Followed Person B around every single time (without exception) that he entered the kitchen (which was the only common area as well as being the location of the previous ‘knife attack’ mentioned above)


·                     Continually slammed the door adjacent to Person B’s room - maybe once an hour on average. This was done every single day (without exception) over a period measured in years – total number of door slams maybe totalling over 10, 000 (but definitely over 5,000)


·                     Regularly threw abuse at Person B


·                     When Person B calls in the Council to deal with a major mice problem, Person A starts referring  to Person B as a ‘fucking prick’.


·                     Responded to person B’s potential breathing problems by regularly filling the air with smoky and/or fatty aromas.


·                     On one occasion threw Person B’s dinner in the bin on Person B’s arrival home from work


·                     On one occasion greeted Person B’s return from work (after working overtime) by deliberately locking Person B out. Attempted to repeat this action several times (despite the unlikelihood of it ‘working’ more than once)


·                     Was not averse to switching the washing machine off when Person B was washing his clothes (or indeed switching the oven off when Person B was cooking – this did not happen too often because Person B reacted by just stopping  using the oven)



Which of these two people did Portsmouth Police prosecute for harassment – Person A or Person B?










Person B was the one - to be given a caution for attempting to take legal action against Person A. Officers responsible - PC M. Wakefield and Inspector E. Charlton.