Italian Furniture, Portsmouth

Italian Furniture, Portsmouth

In early September 2009, I had a 'partial' delivery of a wardrobe from Italian Furniture of Portsmouth. As of March 2010, I am still waiting for delivery of the rest.

The original delivery men told me they had forgotten to bring the missing parts i.e. shelving, but would be back within two days. I haven't seen them since.

During later enquiries by phone to someone called, I think, Victoria (I am not too sure whether that name is correct), I was told the parts had not actually been delivered but she would phone me back when they were. I never heard from her again

In the intervening period, I have sent God knows how many emails. Not one of them has received a reply.

I often see the 'Italian Furniture' van parked in St. Pauls Road on my way to work. I once inserted a note under the windshield wipers asking where my shelving had got to.

On Wednesday 17th February, I spoke to a Mr Mendel by phone. He asked me to ring him back later when he had a chance to check the details. I rang on the Friday, but he wasn't in, but I left my telephone number and was assured that Mr Mendel would ring me back on the Saturday

By Tuesday 23rd February I still had not heard from him, so I rang back. After an slightly 'unusual' exchange which led me to wonder whether Mr Mendel was related to Basil Fawlty, Basil FawltyMr Mendel told me the parts would be delivered the next day. This was my day off and I said that would be okay just so long as the delivery took place on that particular day. Mr Mendel assured me it would.

I stayed in all day on the 24th February, on my day off, but no delivery was made. Worse, I never heard anything further from Italian Furniture.

So on Friday 5th March 2010 I sent a recorded delivery letter to them. As of Thursday 18th. March 2010, I have heard nothing.

Italian Furniture, Portsmouth

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Italian Furniture, Portsmouth