Gazelle Helicopter of NEAM

Originally a French design, as a successor to the Sud Alouette. An agreement was signed on 22. February 1967 for joint French / British development of the aircraft after all three of Britain's armed forces had expressed interest in the aircraft (The Lynx and Puma were two other helicopters also developed under this agreement).

Originally designated the SA340, it was revised (after a few control problems with the fenestron) as the SA341, and named the Gazelle in July 1969.

Westland built 294 until the end of production in 1984.

Instead of a tail rotor, it has a fenestron. This resulted in it being quieter than helicopters with the conventional tail rotor.

The main rotor is made from plastic composite, in collaboration with Messerschmidt-Bolkow-Bloehm of Deutschland.

Can carry up to six HOT weapons, cannons or rockets

The type appeared in the film Blue Thunder.

Built under license in Yugoslavia and Eygpt, from French kits.