Food and Drink in Duisburg 

There is an Imbiss directly outside our hotel, open until 2200, where you could sample the cheaper end of the market. Chips in German are Pommes (pomm-uss) and are offered with either mayonnaisse/mayo (my-o) or ketchup. A standard accompaniment could be Bratwurst (brart-vorst) which is often chopped up to accompany chips but is served whole if purchased alone. In this case it could either be served up in a roll like a giant hot dog or else on a rectangular piece of cardboard. In this latter case, you need to tear off a perforated edge of the cardboard to wrap around the sausage so as to pick it up. Wurst comes with the option of senf (zenf), mustard.

curry wurstThen there is Currywurst, the invention of which is disputed between the Ruhr Area, Berlin and Hamburg. Seemingly, the Ruhr legend claims that it was accidentally invented by a sausage stall owner in Essen, who dropped a can of curry powder into some ketchup. Like curry in Britain, it can vary considerably from outlet to outlet. If you want to know more you can visit the homepage of the German Currywurst Museum. or this page with several videos on the subject.

Barbara Sukova Incidentally, in 2008 a film called Die Erfindung der Currywurst (The Discovery of the Currywurst) was released, starring the well-known German actress, Barbara Sukowa. This was based on a book of the same name by Uwe Timms, the (fictional) discovery occuring when she accidentally kicks cans of curry powder and tomato ketchup down the stairs. Click here for further details

Erika's BratereiAlthough I have never been there, an outlet that appears to have achieved some sort of iconic status is Erika's Braterei, in Mulheim, at 30 Aktienstrasse.

More upmarket - the following places could be visited during your stay in Duisburg

The local brewery is König.