When in 1814, after the wars of liberation, ships on the Rhein were already moving away from sail to steam. In 1816 the Dutch steamship "Prince of Orange" undertook the first, admittedly failed, attempt to sail from Rotterdam to Köln. One year later James Watt made a trial trip on the Rhein, as far as Ruhrort where he had to involuntarily put up with Haniel in Ruhrort and this stimulated the construction of iron ships for the Rhein. In 1830 the first passenger steamship, built by the Haniel Docks in Ruhrort, was launched. In 1838 the first iron Rhein steamer to be built in a German yard, the 'Hoffnung' was put on its way. Hanniel and Matthias Stinnes began the use of steam tugs upstream. At the beginning of the 1840s the first Rhein shipping line was founded.