It was common for coal mines to be owned by an ironworks and the large Thyssen works in Hamborn sprung up in the vicinity of the Zeche Deutscher Kaiser, with which August Thyssen had been associated with since 1875. It had been initiated in 1871 and on the eve of the First World War, it had almost 14,000 employees. It was closed down in 1977.

A significant name in the Duisburg district is the . Some of its mines were The Zeche Rheinpreussen 1857 in Homberg was omn the left bank of the Rhein and was founded by Fritz Haniel, who earlier had founded the Zeche Zollverein, which was to become a famous name in Essen.

The Zeche Westende was founded originally by a British company in 1855.

The towers built over the mineshafts were known as 'Malakoff Towers', named after a fort in the city of Sebastopol which was sturmed during the Crimean War.