• Wild Wales by George Borrow. describes his experiences in 1854 - mostly set in Llangollen, but also describes a trip right thru Wales from North to South. Interesting to those who know Wales, it is also quite humorous in places.

  • I bought a Mountain


  • Alexander Cordell Rape of the Fair Country.

  • Delderfield To Serve Them all my Days. Set in Exmoor, but relates the story of Welsh teacher, Powlett-Jones.

  • Raymond Williams Border Country. Based in the areas South of the Black Mountains (Pandy maybe) and its railway

  • Gavin Gibbons, By Space Ship to the Moon, children's story about UFO crash in the Berwyns which deserves mention because of a ridiculous story that has surfaced recently claiming a real-life crash in the Berwyns.