1990   M.Sc. Mathematical Physics, Durham University

1989   B.Sc. Mathematics, Newcastle University.

2000   B.A. German, London University.

2002   HH851 Open University Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education (which gives me membership of the Higher Education Academy)

I was a member of the now-defunct Institute for Learning (Membership No. AD032524). I mention this because membership showed that you were qualified to teach in a British technical college or sixth-form college.


  • M.Sc. Mathematical Physics (Durham). This course was heavily orientated towards particle theory, covering areas like Relativistic Quantum Theory, QED and Cosmology.The title of my dissertation was Supernovae and Neutrinos.

  • B.Sc. Mathematics (Newcastle). Primarily in Applied Maths (Relativity, Fluid Mechanics, MHD, Differential Equations) with Numerical Analysis

  • B.A. German (London). Studied as an External Student of London University.

Current Employment

Various, including

Academic Papers

  • 1999 : Extra Sensory Perception - Extending the Power of QM Perception; Michael McCabe and Brian Daugherty, Third Annual CAA Conference, Loughborough, 1999.
  • 2000 : Transcendental Testing, Innovative Development of Question Banks and Question Templates; McCabe, Daugherty, Manns, White Fourth Annual CAA Conference, Loughborough, 2000
  • 2001 : Delivering Mathematics Assessment with Java Applets; Brian Daugherty Fifth Annual CAA Conference, Loughborough, 2001.

Could also refer to this site :- Loughborough University


Languages : Java

Typesetting : Latex

HTML : Various, e.g. current webmaster for the Portsmouth Duisburg Group and formerly webmaster/author for the North-East Aircraft Museum.

Could also refer to this site which gives some information on my work on amending a specialist program - Question Mark Perception (although this might have been permanently disabled)

Foreign Languages


Appearances on :-
  • University Challenge (1984)
  • Winner Takes All (1988)
  • Fifteen to One (1988)
  • Mastermind (1990)
  • Brain of Britain (1990)
  • Crosswits (1992)
  • University Challenge (1998)
  • Brain of Britain (1999)
  • Fifteen to One (2000)
  • Mastermind (2001)
  • Fifteen-to-One (2002)
  • Mastermind (2004)
  • Mastermind (2011)
  • Cleverdicks (2012)
  • Mastermind (2013)
  • Brain of Britain (2014)

[Fuller Details]

Brief Summary : Four appearances on University Challenge in 1984, reaching the quarter-finals. Nominally less successful in 1998, although by then Universities had to fight through preliminary rounds to appear on the program itself - we managed to make the last 28 out of 150 starters. Semi-finalist on Brain of Britain in 1999, losing the semi-final by one point. Semi-finalist on Mastermind 2001, 2004, 2011

Also appearances on Bank Raid (Radio Wales), Elimination (Radio Wales), DLT's Pub Quiz (Radio 1).

Current organizer of Brain of Mensa quiz. Worked as pub quizmaster in Newcastle (Royal Archer).

Videos of appearances on TV and radio

Link to my quiz references

Mastermins, Magnus Magnusson and Brian Daugherty

University Challenge


Member :-
  • Portsmouth Joggers

    Personal Best Times :-
    • Marathon : Poole (1995), 3hrs 21 mins.
    • Half-Marathon : Cardiff (1992), 1hr 28.5 mins.
    • 10 miles : Newport (1995), 65 mins. 45 secs.
    • 10 kms : Cardiff (1994), 39 mins 59 secs.
    • Other Races :- Snowdon Race (1995), 1hr 38 mins.

  • Portsmouth Ramblers

Interest in Cycling

London Marathon

Other Interests

Member of :-
Interest in :- Aircraft (formerly Chairman of North-East Aircraft Museum)

Other details

Born in Liverpool; Clean Driving Licence.


Questions from the Brain of Mensa

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GCSE Mathematics : An Informal Overview

The aim of this book is to give an overview of the matter contained in the GCSE Mathematics syllabus, without going too deeply into any topic but clarifying and stressing the important points. Essentially, the aim is to give an introduction similar to what I might impart in an introductory lecture, or lectures, before later going into the subject matter in more detail.

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An Introduction to Astronomy

This book is intended for serious beginners. It includes the type of scientific theory that you would meet in magazines like "Astronomy Today" or "Astronomy", but not in general as complicated as you might find in the pages of "Sky and Telescope".

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Forty Complete Pub Quizzes

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