Characteristics of the 'Tenant from Hell'

Weird BehaviorBehavior indicating he is thick
stays inside all the time On one occasion, the main fuse went. He went to have a look at the problem, locking his own door before doing so, then came back, unlocked his door, and then came out again - presumably to get the landlord to sort things out. The other tenant intercedes and 'spoils my fun'. Afterwards, whenever the lights fused (which was quite often) and no-one got to the fusebox before him, he would turn the main fuse off (without a bye or leave) before re-setting the lights fuse (and turning the main fuse back on again).
Never ever cleans up after himself. Furthermore, he seems to believe that living in a pigsty is perfectly normal. When I eventually have to call in the Council to complain about the mice, which involved claeing up the place in general, he starts becoming very aggressive, referring to me a a 'fucking prick'. Despite being told to turn the hot water off carefully to stop the pilot light going out, he can never get it - the pilot light always goes out. Unfortunately, he can never learn how to reset the pilot light despite it being a very trivial operation. Worse still, he would react to the hot water being 'switched off' by screwing the hot water tap down really hard, as though it was someone else's fault.
Locks his door behind him every time he exited - to go to the kitchen, bathroom etc. I start compaining to the neighbors about their habit of spitting in the garden. The wierdo believes I am complaining about him.
On a regular basis, he exits the front door slamming it as he goes, returning about 30 seconds later, slamming the door again. Early on, other tenants (not me) complained about our washing machine going all the time - it turned out he was using the washing machine to wash items individually. However I did experience the washing machine spewing out soap bubbles on to the kitchen floor (as with one or two other things - how he actually managed to achieve that is not clear to me at all).
Within a few weeks of him moving in, he complains to the landlord that I am spying on him.
(This aspect is amplified when I am arrested by the police and he writes in his statement that I always watch him when he goes out. This would be logistically impossible because if I left it until I knew he was leaving, he would be gone by the time I got to the door. It would have been necessary to get up and watch him every time he left his room, including the times when he was going to the kitchen or bathroom).
It became hard to do anything 'unguarded'. By this, I mean if you left something in the oven there was a possibility he would switch the oven off, if you used the washing machine he could switch that off or he could re-start the entire cycle if your washing cycle had completed.
His 'cooking habits' continued to be 'unusual. Initially he used to cook a lot of fatty foods (involving a fair amount of 'burning') without bothering to open a window or something. Since he was in all day every day, you can imagine that this 'aroma' became seemingly permanent. We told him to shut the door, which he did actually do, but never bothered to open a window if one was not already open (presumably because he hadn't been told to do so). It soon became apparent that he believed the door should therefore be shut for all cooking, even e.g. for apple pies, or despite any conditions whereby plenty of windows were open on the premises. He just did not get it. Latterly, his method of cooking something in the oven (a daily ccurence) was to turn the dial up to absolutely maximum, filling the place with a nice burning aroma - just the thing you need to help you wind down after a day at work. Often I could not help notice that he would cook a couple of pies simultaneously, placing the half-burnt ones, that weren't going to be consumed immediately, into the fridge (directly from the oven). For a period, we had a marvellous and regular 'stink' of 'burnt metal'. I eventually realised there was a roll of aluminium film immediately above the grill. I have a practically non-existent sense of smell, so how the hell this wierdo could not realize what was happening - it must have been deliberate.
Although he was not a teenager, he would adopt adolescent behavior. On one occasion I arrived home from work only for him to throw my dinner in the bin. On another occasion, I arrived home late after working overtime, I had had little to eat all day, I had to go on the landing because the fridge was out there during renovation works - and the wierdo appeared from the back of the house, and locked me out.