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ROGER BODEN'S triumph as the 2003 Brain of Mensa was a remarkable achievement. Roger, from the West Midlands, joined Mensa in 2000 and has entered the competition three times since then. In his first year he was runner-up, he then won the contest - and defended his title this year.

I'm very honoured to have won the Brain of Mensa title," he said. "There are so many good competitors - and it was very tight this year. It went right down to the wire. In fact, I didn't think that I had won. I was very pleased when the results were announced."

While Roger obviously has a phenemonal general knowledge - just try the quiz questions on these pages if you don't believe us - he is not a great quizz buff.

"I play in the local Shropshire Village Halls quiz league but I don't take part in pub quizzes and I have never been on any of the television quizzes. I gave up trying to get on The Weakest Link.

"I don't spend a lot of time studying quiz questions either. The joy of the Brain of Mensa quiz is that it is really hard, so you get a sense of satisfaction if you get the answer right, especially when it is one you didn't think you knew!

"It was particularly good this year I because Magnus Magnusson was asking I the questions, he made it a very professional event - but he mixed in a sense of humour and fun as well."

Roger has already completed his entry j form for this year's competition.

"It would be really something to win it three years running," he said. "But that would be tough - the competition is really strong and there are some very good quiz people in Mensa." And the challenge is on...