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    Carl Jacobi
  • Carl Jacobi

  • Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Became a teacher in Berlin in 1810, at the Graue Kloster high school. Became well-known here as a pioneer in physical training (a monument to him is to be seen in the Hasenheide where he had initiated a Turnschule in 1811). Fell foul of the repression in Prussia after the end of the Napoleonic Wars and was imprisoned from 1819-1825 (either in Spandau or Küstrin prisons) - he had been held without trial, and then although found innocent by a judge (E.T.A. Hoffman) he still served two more years in jail. Only released on the conditioon that, in future, he did not reside in any town that had a University or high school, for six years. His sports grounds were shut. Lived from 1825 till 1852 in Freyburg, Sachsen Anhalt. In 1848-49 he became a member of the Frankfurt Parliament.

  • Adolph Joffe Soviet Ambassador 1918. Sent over to foment revolution.

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