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  • Hans Fallada

  • Johann Gottlieb Fichte Johann Gottlieb Fichte disciple of Immanuel Kant. Born 1762 in Rammenau, 3 kilometers from Bischofwerda. In 1807 and 1808 he delivered his anti-Napoloenic Addresses to the German Nation in Prince Heinrich's old palace. Although disguised as lectures on philosophy, there were in reality a highly inflammatory call to arms. The irony is that such freedom of speech would never have been allowed under the Prussian kings, but Fichte's lectures were even attended by French officers. In 1810, he was appointed the first elected rector of Berlin University. He died in 1814 after apparently contracting an infection which his wife had picked up during her time nursing people in Berlin’s hospitals. Unfortunately, the written version of his "Speeches to the German Nation" were banned in the repressive atmosphere which came into being soon after the Napoleonic Wars came to an end.

  • Theodor Fontane Born Neuruppin, as a teenager moved to Berlin. 1844 joined literary club - The Tunnel. Newspaper (Kreuzzeitung in Berlin) correspondent in London until the end of the 1850s. Started to explore Brandenburg, received subsidy of 300 Thalers from Prussian government. Published his travel books Wanderings thru the Mark Brandenburg from 1862 onwards. Also during the 1860s, he was employed as a newspaper correspondent and produced accounts of the wars which Prussia undertook during this period culminating in the war against France in 1870/1, during which he became a prisoner of the French. He was under threat of execution but his friend caused such a stir, that the the French Government ordered his release. Began writing novels in 1878 at the age of 58, from when he wrote fifteen, several set in Berlin including probably his most famous Effi Briest . Georg Frobenius

  • Georg Frobenius

  • Wilhelm Furtwängler 1922 Berliner Philharmonic conductor during Nazi period

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