1749 at age of 20 entered Berlin. Employed briefly by Voltaire to translate some documents of his from French into German. Every Jew who passed thru the Brandenburg Gate had to pay a toll. 1751 edited the literary section of the Voss Gazette. At end of 1751 came into conflict with Voltaire. Had borrowed a copy of Voltaire's not -yet published work on Louis 14. Voltaire came to hear of it, and assuming a possible conspiracy to publish a pirate version, was enraged. Caused a stir in Berlin

Visit No 2. 1752 at age of 24. Among other things worked again for Voss.Produced 'Miss sara Sampson'.

Visiot No 3 1758

Visit No. 4 1765 Refused post of librarian to Friedrich 2. Minna in Hamburg in 1767. March 1768 Berlin immediate success.April 1767 only returned as occasional visitor.


Theodor Fontane . Published his travel books t Wanderings thru the Mark Brandenburg from 1862 onwards. Also during the 1860s, he was employed as a newspaper correspondent and produced accounts of the wars which Prussia undertook during this period culminating in the war against France in 1870/1 during which he became a prisoner of the French. Began writing novels in 1878 at the age of 58, from when he wrote fifteen, several set in Berlin including probably his most famous Effi Briest ..


Die Aktion published from 1911-1932, until 1918 literary journal Vigorous 1919-20 season of Expressionist drama in Berlin. 14. December 1925 first performance of Wozzeck by Alban Berg 1931 Hauptmann von Köpenick by C. Zuckmayer. Wilhelm Voigt. Based on an event of 1906. Intended to be a satire on Prussian respect for uniforms. 1933 Bauhaus, but almost immediately closed for good by Nazis
Bertolt Brecht
BE supported by Caspar Neher, Elisabeth Hauptmann, Paul Dessau