Details of last prize-giving at Quarry Bank School, Liverpool (first year classes were not streamed)

Quarry Bank, Liverpool

The list also contains a later member of the British Government

Details of first year results from Riversdale College, Liverpool 19 (I left after this first year to go to University)

Riversdale College


Simultaneous with my first-year exams (as above), I sit A-Levels as well (which are supposed to require 2 years of study)

I received an unconditional offer from Coventry Polytechnic early on, thus allowing me to concentrate more on these A-levels, as opposed to TEC Technology studies

When the A-Level exams and TEC exams clashed, then I did not attend the TEC exams

Letter from Polytechnic of Wales, received shortly before the exams telling me that I would be excluded if I didn't pay up (this was not considered in any way to be an extenuating circumstance viz-a-viz exam results)

Letter from the Polytechnic of Wales

Remark by Kemp, Polytechnic of Wales. '5 A-levels don't count because anyone can get 25 A-levels by the time they are 65'. Kemp replies 'living in the past is the prerogative of the dead'. This is at least some proof that I was told that my 5 A-Levels don't count because anyone can get 25 A-levels by the time they are 65.

Remark by Kemp, Polytechnic of Wales

An indication of my financial situation by the time I had finished at Durham (after financing myself for three years through higher education)

My Financial situation

University Challenge